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What about the Constitution test or if I already passed the Constitution test?

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The Constitution test is an additional requirement in Illinois. Our upper-level HSE classes cover the Constitution, so our students are prepared to pass the Constitution test. Students and non-students can take the Constitution test at their county's ROE or ECC's testing center. Please note that the constitutional requirement is waived for those who complete all HSE exam subjects through Jun 30, 2022. The end date of this suspension may change. For updates on the Constitution test requirement in Illinois, please visit Constitution test updates.

If you passed the Constitution test in an Illinois high school or another institution (other than a junior high), you most likely would not have to take it again. You will need to obtain a letter or transcript from your high school or other site showing that you passed the Constitution test. You will need to take that document to your county's Regional Office of Education (ROE). If you passed the Constitution test in junior high or another state, it would not count towards the requirement for Illinois.


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